Today is the anniversary of my dad dying
  1. The best secret Santa
    There was a time when my family had it pretty rough, and many people in the community were aware of our situation. One of those generous souls put together a spectacular secret Santa present for each member of my family, including gift cards, crafts, and candy. The gifts were completely unexpected and selfless. Thanks again to whoever left them
  2. Playing catch with my dad and brother
    When my dad was in a wheelchair my brother would sometimes roll him out to the front yard and we'd all toss a tennis ball. It was always nice to get outside, and playing catch is one of those things I really enjoy
  3. Having the freedom to play basketball
    A day or so after my dad died all three of my siblings and I went to the park and played basketball together. It was the first time in a long time we were out of the house and didn't feel guilty for staying away, or feeling like we needed to rush home. Bittersweet, but a nice memory all the same.
  4. I met an Ood
    My siblings and I got to attend the Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff a few years ago, and while we were waiting outside to be let in an Ood graced us with its presence. The Ood are my favorite Doctor Who aliens and I was thrilled to be so close to one. Honestly the entire weekend could've been standing in that line and seeing the Ood and I'd remember it just as fondly
  5. The fairy lights
    While staying in a hotel in Oxford my siblings and I were ready for bed and playing games together. I spotted a floating orb of light rising into the sky outside our window and, terrified, alerted my siblings. After some investigation we found they were paper lanterns being released in a nearby neighborhood. We all had a good laugh
  6. The magic arch and the grappling hook
    There used to be a big stretch of woods near my house, and my brother and I discovered a tree bent entirely over to form a magical looking arch. I bought him a grappling hook for Christmas and we returned to the woods, wanting to find the arch again before testing out the GH, and couldn't find it anywhere. We spent the rest of the afternoon trying (and failing) to grapple hook
  7. Most Halloweens
    Nothing beat running around the neighborhood and going as far as we could to get as much candy as possible, then sprawling out across the living room, dumping our pillowcases and trading for our favorites. All King sized bars were owed to mom, of course
  8. When my dad shut my finger in the window
    I think it was Halloween. I was maybe 4. We were parked in front of the house. I remember sitting on the front seat, feeling like a champ for being up there, and sticking my fingers out the crack in the window to wave at my mom just as my dad decided to roll them up
  9. The basement gym
    My uncle would bring his four kids over and he and my dad would set up workouts for the eight of us in the basement. It was tough stuff. Limits were tested. At the end of the day everyone got a snow cone. Eventually we morphed the training area into a crab soccer arena and had some intense tournaments
  10. TBC