I got a puppy
  1. Static
  2. I adopted him from the shelter yesterday
  3. He is super cute and super sweet
  4. His name at the shelter was Rudolph and we decided to keep it
  5. Cause he's a Christmas pup!
  6. And it suits him. He's cute and silly but a little dignified
  7. He likes to chew. He's tried to chew my chin, my arm, my leg, the carpet, my blankets, and his tail
  8. He is house trained! Cause he's so smart
  9. And he's learning to sit and respond to his name
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. I can't believe I have a dog now! It's so amazing! I love him!
  14. He's snuggled up to me right now 😊😊😊 we are being study buddies
  15. Static
  16. His ears are so tall I wanted to call him batman, or Bruce, or something in that vein, but he was already Rudolph
  17. He's amazing expect many lists