Hold tight (jk I have had a life no more trying or lovely than any one else's)
  1. When I was a child my older siblings told me that I could be a dog in their house game and I didn't stop for like five years
    My name was sparkles
  2. One time in kindergarten another girl laid her head on my tummy while I was laying down for nap and said wow you're so squishy
  3. My two best friends in fourth grade both got glasses and I wanted us all to match so I started reading at night in really low light in the hope of ruining my eyes and I guess it worked cause my eye sight is shit now
  4. I ended up getting glasses the next year, when one friend moved away and the other stopped hanging out with me
  5. Also fifth grade, my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my house turned into a hospital room where life centered on his care
  6. My mom was pretty busy and stressed for most of my childhood bc of ^ so my three siblings and I kinda raised ourselves and each other which was a mess
  7. I was a fun and animated kid until one of my teachers was having a bad day and snapped at me for answering a question without raising my hand and my self esteem and confidence plummeted
  8. A popular game in our court was Nerf sword battles, which ended up being tubes that used to be Nerf swords wrapped in duct tape that hurt like hell
  9. A lot of the games in my youth involved physical contact that was fairly violent and not safe
  10. I once cried literally all night because I had to be in a drama class and I was so afraid of having to speak in front of people
  11. My first boyfriend dumped me because I wasn't religious and I spent months questioning my worth as a person
  12. My second boyfriend was a pathetic rebound and I regret everything about that relationship
  13. I lost my big brother to a terminal illness and I'm gonna be older than him in a few months
  14. My best friend struggles with an eating disorder
  15. I poured my soul into my crew team and then my friends of three years rejected my actual begging to be allowed to continue despite not being able to afford it anymore
  16. I love my mom so much it physically hurts me