1. Ingredients: 1 bike, 1 hammock, 1 book, fruit, a park
  2. Begin by riding the bike to the nearest park, with the fruit, hammock, and book in a bag
  3. Arrive at the park and walk the bike around to every tree you see, assessing for if you hammock will fit between that tree and another one
  4. Do this for thirty minutes, cause way to go dummy, you picked a park with super spaced out trees
  5. Avoid direct interaction with any of the three families holding parties at the park, the less they know about you the less idiotic you will look
  6. Take at least two laps around the entirety of the park. Take a moment to envy the children playing because that wooden playground with all the cool tire swings and stuff looks like a dream
  7. Give up on eyeballing it and just take out your hammock, lying it between any set of trees you see that looks even remotely close enough together
  8. You will now look even more like an idiot but at least you might make progress
  9. Accidentally put your arms around a tree covered in ants
  10. Put your hand through at least three spider webs while stringing up on different trees
  11. Finally get the hammock and it's strings to connect and ignore the face that it's two inches off of the ground once you sit in it
  12. Feel even more of a dummy for a moment, then get out and try again
  13. Cause you have too much self respect to lay in a tarp hanging two inches off the ground
  14. Adjust your straps, rearrange which branches they're on, and finally have your hammock at a respectable height
  15. Attempt to enter hammock that is now pulled very tightly in an effort to be higher up
  16. Don't roll over it by accident and land on the ground cause I bet that would hurt
    That's just my guess, I wouldn't know
  17. Finally get in the hammock, feel proud of yourself, then remember that your book, water bottle, and fruit are in your bag on the ground
  18. Veeeeeeery carefully try to lift the bag into the hammock
  19. Don't fall out a second time
  20. Once all pieces are arranged, drink some water, enjoy your book, and eat your fruit
  21. The views are lovely
  22. Static
  23. Static
  24. But sucks for you, the view from your hammock is this
  25. Leaves are nice though, look at those
    And all the bugs that are just waiting to drop out of them and onto your face
  26. Now force yourself to stay in the hammock for at least two hours, because you didn't put in all that work to leave after just twenty minutes
  27. Enjoy your Sunday!