1. I never read the books
  2. Love the narrator cause I don't always know what's going on and also he's cool looking
  3. I cannot believe how willfully ignorant and/or stupid 89% of the characters are
  4. NPH is fantastic
  5. That said I despise the theme song
  6. And despite never having known this story I get chills thinking of the reptile room, for some reason that is very scary
  7. The baby cracks me up but not when it is CGI
  8. Olaf legitimately is scaring me
  9. I like the kids but I am nervous about how everyone around them is really dumb
  10. So far, big fan
  11. I could push Poe off of a cliff
  12. It's weird how these kids refer to the parents as "our parents" even when talking to each other