Back atcha @mackenzieo
  1. When she was like 5 and wanted to be reading Harry Potter like the rest of us so she laid in bed with SS and turned the page after she'd spent the appropriate amount of time staring at it
    Cause that's what reading is, obviously
  2. When I asked her to tell me what the first chapter was about after she finished "reading" it and she gave me some bullshit answer like "it's about Harry Potter"
    She did eventually get good at reading
  3. When her look was gym shorts and polo shirts that were a hair tighter than looked comfortable
  4. When it was a running joke in our family that you could tell her clothes from anyone else's cause they were covered in stains
    She liked orange foods, was a messy eater, and spent more time than the rest of us roughin it up outside
  5. When she wore a giant rainbow poncho to school and one of her friends made fun of her for it, so I got to have a big sis moment and tell that twerp off but Mac didn't even thank me or love me more after that
  6. Any time when she decided our lives needed to be more like a Disney Channel Original Movie and would get unbearably dramatic
    our oldest sister was telling her to stop being whiny. "You're not mom, so stop trying to be!!!"
  7. Her first true tv obsession: Wizards of Waverly Place
  8. The time when we jokingly said we'd probably be evenly matched in a fight and ended up in an hour long tussle in our bedroom
  9. When she heroically threw her fancy teddy bear (who was like 2.5 feet tall and wore some preppy army general coat thing) off of her bed (she was top bunk) to save him from the vomit she was about to spew everywhere, only to lean over the bed and wash the bear with it
  10. The time we bought superhero basketball jerseys from Walmart for the 4th of July (she was Cap, I was Superman) and went to the beach to watch fireworks. We accidentally ended up in front of a line of fireworks that was about to go off and had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUPERHERO RUN FROM MANY EXPLOSIONS A GIRL COULD ASK FOR. People cheered.
    We also laid in the sand and took a bunch of ugly selfies that night
  11. The summer we discovered sub-beach, and played "escape from sub-beach" by crawling against the tide and braving waves to the face to make it to the ocean
    We totally weren't adults when we did this... (We were).
  12. I'm gonna have to stop here since the list is getting long. I'll post more l8r g8rs (cause my sis is a gem and every memory is treasure)