I am cursed
  1. I started school last week with just about zero money because my financial aid didn't go through and also because I am CURSED
  2. Two days into the new semester my laptop crashed and the hard drive needed "repair." I did what the apple forums told me to do, erased everything, and went to reinstall the operating system but the hard drive had vanished because I am CURSED
  3. Then my dishwasher broke. CURSED.
  4. Then there was a water main break that caused me to not have water for like a day, and I got the email about it just as I arrived home from the gym, sweaty and disgusting and with an empty water bottle, because I am CURSED.
  5. Next up, I felt a weird pain under my chin that slowly got worse and worse and then I discovered the nub of an awful crooked wisdom tooth freeing itself from my gums, quietly whispering, you are cuuuuurrrrrrsssssed
  6. Dishwasher still broken, they shut the water off again to "finish repairs on the main break." None of my spoons were clean because I am CURSED.
  7. All this shit goes down and I think ok I'll go out to eat but wait jk bitch you are broke and also CURSED.
  8. My boyfriend is working on fixing my computer, finds an old hard drive of his and installs it. We are anxiously waiting to see if it will work but of course it doesn't cause I am CURSED.
  9. Then he figured out its the HDD cable and ordered me a new one cause I am broke but also blessed to have him 😇
  10. So then the next day I'm going to work as the building supervisor at the campus gym and we receive a threatening email from some fucker threatening to kill everyone on campus
  11. So not only is EVERYONE STRESSED but I am IN CHARGE of the STRESS and so I am the MOST STRESSED because if a code orange goes down I am responsible for every person in the building. Which is terrible because I am CURSED.
  12. I fully expected to get shot yesterday. Because cursed.
    Everything is fine tho, police are on it, no one has been hurt.
  13. After that work shift I went home and curled up in my blankets and cried for like 15 minutes because holy hell the STRESS.
  14. But the universe didn't forget I was cursed and made sure to remind my cat to throw up everywhere
  15. And then still shaken and not wanting to go anywhere near campus for at least a year, the laptop my boyfriend had lent me wasn't capable of running the program I needed for my homework so I had to go to campus and work in the library. The biggest, most public, most full of people place on campus 😖
  16. And now we arrive at today, where the laptop my boyfriend lent me just cannon balled the same way my laptop did.
  17. And I'm terrified to tell him
  18. I don't know who cursed my or why but you suck and I don't want to be your friend.
  19. Giphy
  20. But seriously I need a hug