1. We all know how Snow White ends. Mr prince kisses her and puts her on his horse and they ride off into the sunset
  2. THAT bullshit aside
  3. What the hell are the dwarves thinking with a goddamn GLASS COFFIN
  4. Oh no she's too beautiful to bury her!!! We can't do that!!
  5. I know! Let's make a coffin through which we can WATCH her ROT
  6. The dwarves fuckin stand vigil every day cause they love her sooo much so every one of them is going to see the slow deprecation of her clothes and body
  7. When they're putting more flowers on her they just pop that lid right off. Is that thing properly sealed? She's not gonna be so lovely with ants in her eyes
  9. COME ON
  10. They thought she was DEAD. No one knew she was gonna wake up when that freaky prince came and kissed her presumed corpse
  11. Imagine going into the woods and coming across a beautiful golden coffin with a rotted skeleton clearly visible through the glass top
  12. Surrounded by dead flowers
  13. And guarded by the shells of what used to be carefree dwarves
  14. It's just fucked up man
  15. It's fucked up