It can't be done
  1. So a list I keep seeing is asking "The Very Best Part of Harry Potter"
  2. I can't even begin to start to write a preliminary list of every part of Harry Potter and begin narrowing it down
  3. And what does 'best' even mean? Funniest? Most fascinating? Most human? Most touching?
  4. So now I have to come up with 16 lists, all titled under a different meaning of best
  5. Attempt to narrow those down
  6. Draw it all out March Madness style
  7. And stand paralyzed before my bracket because this is an impossible list
  8. Every time I think I know my favorite moment, the best moment
  9. I think oooo but what about that other moment
  10. Drunk, despairing Winky is definitely in the top... All of them
  11. But then what about Ron unleashing the house elves during the Battle of Hogwarts
  12. The secret entrance to the kitchen is a pear that you tickle
  13. Sir Cadogan and his fat pony
  14. Hermione's disdain for divination
  15. The Room of Requirement and every use it was put to
    Especially Trelawney hiding sherry bottles
  16. Trelawney's beef with Firenze
    "Or 'Dobbin' as I like to call him"
  17. Nick's rejection from the Headless Hunt
  18. Neville slicing off Nagini's head
  19. GUYS my brain is gonna explode, there's just too much
  20. Lockhart in St Mungo's
  21. Sirius accompanying Harry to King's Cross as a dog
  22. The whole Pettigrew plot
  23. Mrs. Black's portrait
  24. Harry nearly strangling Mundungus
  25. Ginny calling Fleur 'phlegm'
  26. "His Weezy! Harry Potter must save his Weezy!"
  27. It's an impossible list
  28. It's impossible