1. I'm in a freshman biology lab because I had to drop it back when my brother was sick and school lost all priority
  2. So now I am back, my senior year, having taken like so many other biology labs that required a lot more of me
  3. We just switched lab groups and my new team is a bit apathetic and really not a pack of go getters
  4. So I'm doing like everything because I want to leave as early as possible and don't have time to wait for them to muddle through putting in effort
  5. And the whole time they're making jokes about how I'm doing everything while they do nothing
  6. And my disdain for them becomes evident pretty fast
  7. But the worst thing they did- the WORST
  8. One of them said some correct thing about the lab results, and I shot him a finger gun and said, exactly
  9. And the other people at the table were like lol I like that! Snap and point! That's funny
  10. And I was like... finger guns
  11. Where were you
  12. Where have you been
  13. How did you miss finger guns?
  14. 👉🏻💥
  15. I don't like my lab group