1. I just finished watching Stranger Things
  2. And I loved it
  3. So I want to talk about it
  4. Obviously I'm grateful that the entire show was available at once and I could get all my questions answered in only a few hours (at most a day) after I thought of them BUT
  5. I wanted to discuss more!
  6. I wanted to go on forums and speculate and really comb over all the AWESOME shit going down in this show
  7. I haven't been this excited about a show in forever and it was over so quickly! Discussing with my boyfriend between episodes just wasn't enough! I needed more time to think! But then the next episode was RIGHT. THERE.
  8. Of course I'm all over speculating for season 2 but instead of waiting a week to see what's up next I have no idea when it's coming and I'm probably gonna go insane waiting
  9. Netflix is so amazing but it's also so
  10. So
  11. I don't know! I'm happy but I'm frustrated! I want more! I want to puzzle through it and make guesses and have the satisfaction of being right or the thrill of being like OHHHHH
  12. But regardless Stranger Things is phenomenal go watch it