Ok Mac
  1. TEEN WOLF: it's a show about wolves who are teenagers Kelleigh! They're great Kelleigh! Someone is named Lydia I think and you're gonna love all the complicated plot kelleeeeeigh oh and and just TRY TO IGNORE HOW INSTEAD OF WOLVES THEY TURN INTO GROSS GARGOYLE FACED NERDS and the cute one doesn't even have super powers or a useful story line
    I never cared for teen wolf
  2. FIFTH HARMONY: oh my gaaaaawd Kelleigh they are angels they are perfect look at this music video of them in a theme park and look they are under 18 so their songs are all GIRL POWER!!!! And OMG you ain't gotta go to work work work work work work work look at THIS music video, okay so hear all the different voices? Ok first we have Camille, she's
    MacKenzie's fifth harmony obsession is TOO MUCH for me. I did like That's My Girl a lot though
  3. THAT TEDDY BEAR SHE BOUGHT AT A FLEA MARKET WHEN SHE WAS LIKE EIGHT: ... I've had this bear my entire life. Kelleigh back me up. I've had it my whole life.
    She still has that fucking poser bear.
  4. WATERMELON: eat it for every meal it's so delicious Kelleigh listen have you ever tasted something as good as a watermelon here have a piece now tell me how you feel as you chew it
    I like watermelon, just not on her level
  5. HAMILTON: I'm just gonna keep singing these songs about the history of our nation until you break down and listen to the entire musical five times in a row
    And. I. LOVED IT.
  6. Probably so much more stuff, mostly tv shows I don't have time for and weird hipster "aesthetic" things that are always showing up in our room