1. Spent 4 hours going over 84 slides in a power point that is one of seven that I will be tested on Wednesday
  2. Consumed a lot of caffeine for the first time in about a month and am still, 8 hours later, Too Awake
  3. Considered staying at the library all night just because I didn't want to go outside and be cold
  4. Avoided being too cold by being highly fashionable and slightly safe
  5. Bought a bag of peanut M&M's and a box of triscuits for #studyfuel and didn't eat all of both in a fit of nervous eating
  6. Still have my study snacks for tomorrow thanks to my amazing self control
  7. Texted my boyfriend "are you today's date? Cause you're 10/10"
    Inspired by Internet but he doesn't know that
  8. Will probably stay up until like three because caffeine is a dangerous drug
  9. Just heard my roommate tell my meowing cat to "shut the fuck up"