Alt title: adult now
  1. Being the one that drives to the grocery store
    I remember once walking from inside the grocery store to the car to retrieve my sister's wallet, and giddily thinking "wow I bet people seeing me walking into this parking lot with the car keys think /I'm/ the one who drives the car"
  2. Having my own bathroom
    Liberating, absolute freedom, but I have to clean it all by myself and must face that I'm the one making messes 👎🏻
  3. Being in charge of all of my food
    There are no surprise snacks and when I do buy myself junk food it's all up to me to eat it. Also grocery shopping and cooking can be very dull
  4. Having a credit card 💰💰💰
    Did you mean: having debt?
  5. Getting to do whatever I want
    When you're forced to do stuff you can think of a million things you'd rather be doing. When you have no actual plan coming up with ways to keep yourself busy/entertained can be exhausting
  6. Owning my own pet
    They aren't mundane, they're just a lot more boring than little me imagined them to be