Hi I'm complaining
  1. My practice got cancelled
    I have two modes: 4 am bright and chipper or 9-11 am belligerent sloth. No 4 am for me today
  2. I missed my abnormal psych class
    Second to last one of my favorite class and I slept through it
  3. I missed the bus
    Classic scene of half shuffle/half run as I can see the bus from 300 ft away but will never get there in time as it waits, waits, waits and then leaves me behind. Tease.
  4. My group fitness test out is today and since I wasn't up early I didn't practice this morning
    I hope everyone is ready to march along to 500 Miles for three straight minutes
  5. I think I have an appointment this afternoon
    I didn't get a reminder email but Dec 3rd is in my head for a reason and what else would it be
  6. Past me picked up a shift at work during my maybe-happening appointment
    Class 2:00-3:15, work 3:00-6:00, appointment 3:30-4:30???? I need a time turner
  7. I'm about to be late to my next class
    I have ten minutes for the bus to arrive and deliver me to my already failed test out
  8. GOOD THING: I see the bus
  9. I forgot my lunch box over thanksgiving break
    My carry on snacks for the day are pumpkin seeds and raisins
  10. That's all... For now
  11. Updates: don't have work or that appointment. May be losing my mind
  12. Do have other commitments this afternoon that I completely forgot about