1. When the light on my bike eats up the shadows so I don't have to ride through them
  2. When I'm in the middle of a tough workout and remember that I can do anything for ten minutes
  3. When I get to work early and walk around the gym in the dark before it's open
  4. When I come to a question on a test that I know I wouldn't have gotten right without the studying I'd done the night before
  5. When I come home sweaty and exhausted, take a hot shower, and sit on my bed wearing a big t shirt and just existing for a bit
  6. When I have a lot of assignments to do and I'm able to steadily knock them out in the library
  7. When I realize I'm not hungry, it just seemed like an alright idea to eat. So I don't eat
  8. When I have my rent and bills paid for the month
  9. When I don't know what to watch on Netflix so I just lay in bed half staring at the computer screen and half daydreaming
  10. When I stretch in the morning and feel every muscle loosen up
  11. When I drink chocolate cashew milk