It's HOCR round 2 y'all
  1. For the second year in a row I am going to watch THE biggest regatta in America
  2. People are gonna be coming from all over the place to compete in this 5k race on the Charles River in Boston and I am HIPPITY HIPPITY HYPE
  3. Tragically I am not racing there (I never have) but I did get to go watch last year and it was a bit more of an adventure than this year. It was also the first time @mackenzieo insisted I get this app and make a list about it
  4. Which I thought was ridiculous cause how do you make a "list" about a trip
  5. So here is that long over due list
  6. My best friend Annie and I really wanted to go to this regatta. My best friend Annie and I had just about no money.
  7. We realized we couldn't afford a hotel, we couldn't drive the 12 hours there, and those two things were kinda essential to getting to the races. And then we remembered the train
  8. We bought tickets there and back, a 28 hour round trip, which would put us in Boston Saturday morning and take us home Saturday night
  9. We drove to the train station in Richmond (where MacKenzie was!!!) and caught our train north. It was amazing. The train station was huge and beautiful and I got to board a train!
  10. It was pretty empty so we each took a row of two seats and prepared for basically a day on a train
  11. I remember trying to do homework, watching some Netflix on my phone, hating the slow internet, and mostly staring out the window as we whooshed past EVERYTHING
  12. When it got too dark to see out the window Annie and I talked for a bit, mostly about the feasibility of actually sleeping on the train, and eventually did fall asleep, awkwardly curled across two seats.
  13. I woke up every half hour but it was surprisingly restful
  14. We didn't dare get off to take a break at any of the long stops cause what if we missed getting back on???
  15. Also the train had become home. The whole world was train.
  16. When we finally arrived in Boston, we walked out, got on a bus, and got hella lost. I think it was like 7 in the morning. We went to a Dunkin donuts in wherever the hell we were to figure out where we were going, and an hour and a half later finally got to the race course
  17. Races were already going, so we plopped down on the river bank and watched for a while. The race is 5k and we were near the start, meaning we had three miles to walk before getting to the finish, which is where the real party is
  18. We also wanted to meet up with the guys from our team who were there to race, and they were even further from the finish, set up in trailer parking with their boat
  19. Eventually we made the trek to the finish and it was WONDERFUL. Regattas have all kinds of tents of shirts and hats, and rowing vendors, and people you want to meet, and just cool stuff that no one needs but I totally wanted. It's like a big street fair on the shore of the river, and we were stoked to be a part of it.
  20. We found our guys after a bit, wandered around, bought t shirts, stood on every bridge along the race course to see which was the best to watch fell for when our guys were going down the course
  21. The best bridge was near all the food vendors. I collected free nature valley bars and Silk chocolate cashew milk that was just being handed out! In pretty big bottles!!! We were watching boats and drinking chocolate milk when our guys came down the course, and that might be one of my happiest memories outside of being in races myself
  22. We then had to run to follow our boat, and met our guys back at the trailer to congratulate them. Then all of us explored the regatta some more and we hung out with the guys until the last rowers crossed the finish line.
  23. Then we all went to dinner in Boston. I can't remember where we ate but I know it took forever to find.
  24. Then the guys drove us to the train station. And 10pm we got back on our train
  25. It was easier to sleep this time, and we were bold enough to get off at the long stops and get snacks
  26. We talked about the races and rowing for hours
  27. When we got back to Richmond Sunday afternoon we were giddy with excitement at having succeeded in making the trip
  28. And now I'm 100000x more excited to go again, despite driving instead of taking the train, and Annie not being with me (she's in med school now. No fun trips during med school)
  29. So this is my first list! Hope you enjoyed it 😄