1. I wonder if they'll remember me as the cool girl that dyed her hair red
  2. Everyone here was so proud of me for doing it. The older women, the regulars, thought I was so bold
  3. "Just the roots then?"
  4. I can't do it. I can't be a liar anymore
  5. What do I say? I'm done with it? It's too much? I miss brown? Who misses brown?
  6. "It looks so beautiful! The color has held up so nicely."
  7. *sweats*
  8. I love it. I do. But no one just looks like this. People know.
  9. Just say it, say you want to go back to brown. No one is going to judge you
  10. They're so nice. They were so ready to accept me into their culture. To see me every six weeks. I'm giving up on them
  11. This is a small town. They need the business. No one else is even in here
  12. Does one head of hair support an entire business?
  13. It doesn't hurt it...
  14. I should just keep the color. There's no use in disappointing them
  15. I can blame my mom. I'll say she forced me
  16. What kind of 20 year old still gets bossed around by their mom
  17. All of them, right?
  18. Oh no oh no what if it can't be changed back
  19. I should just shave it
  20. But then people will think I have cancer or something and I will still feel like a liar
  21. I look cute enough in hats though...
  22. I could swing this
  23. I'm gonna shave it
  24. You dumb nut you can't just shave your head
  25. That would be WORSE
  26. They're disappointed in my choice but they say this can work
  27. There's hope yet
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  28. And if I hate it I can go home and shave it. Plan B
  29. Oh wow it's going to be a "two color process"
  30. They're talking about it like its hair surgery
  31. So on a whim I've put myself out a couple hundred dollars
  32. It'd be cheaper to shave it
  33. I could go home right now and shave it
  34. What's worse, being poor or fake cancer
  35. But I'd be more poor getting roots done every month
  36. This is why I shouldn't live alone. I need to be monitored
  37. "You have a sensitive scalp." Glad we could learn this together
  38. I feel like Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, when she has to sell her hair on the street to get money for her sick child
  39. Is that too extreme
  40. My head is being bleached. I'm 98% sure that's a bad thing
  41. My bleached up hair is all piled on my head and slowly, slowly falling to the left
  42. My stylist isn't here and my hair is on my cheek what do I do oh no will it bleach it
  43. Just lean to the right aaaand stay like that
  44. This is fine
  45. Holy Pete I'm blonde
  46. Wait it's orange
  47. Maybe I'll just keep this
  48. Nope gotta go the distance. Orange might be even worse than shaved
  49. This is going to be a nightmare to brush out
  50. So that's the reason my face has all that hair around it
  51. It's so I don't look like a goblin
  52. The dye sits for 40 minutes!?
  53. I am never dying my hair ever again
  54. It didn't even turn brown
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