1. Why did I come here
  2. I thought we would sit in his room and cuddle or something why the FUCK are we ALL hanging out
  3. And why is the bathroom right next to the kitchen and living room
  4. I know you can hear everything that goes on in there
  5. God knows I've heard...
  6. Why do pad wrappers have to be so goddamn loud
  7. And how come you can't just flush away all evidence of a tampon
  8. They probably think I'm being weird and quiet but ACTUALLY I'm trying to ignore the raging pain of my uterus
  9. Oh fuck that's a different pain
  10. Oh fuck that's gas
  11. No way am I tooting here
  12. I know what the period does to the inside of my body
  13. What I wouldn't give for some gas meds
  14. Ha ha ha yeah guys that's funny
  15. I'm present, I'm hanging out
  16. I'm a cool girlfriend
  17. So much blood is pouring from my body
  18. It's the elevators in The Shining
  19. No don't sneeze don't
  20. Whoosh
  21. I really need to go to bathroom
  22. Why are we all on our phones now why is it dead silent
  23. Somebody saaaaaave me
  24. I would just go home but HE DROVE ME HERE
  25. And there's like two feet of snow outside
  26. Just ignore the many pains
  27. Dan's making mousse again
  28. Why is Dan always making mousse? Is mousse even good?
  29. All the times he's made it and I've never tried it...
  30. Wait, he's getting out the mixer
  31. Noise!
  32. Yes Dan! I love you, Dan!
  33. Bathroom GO GO GO
  34. Just keep mixing
  35. For the love of God keep mixing
  36. Yusss
  37. He finished the minute I came out it's almost like he knew
  38. Oh gross I hope he didn't know
  39. Being on your period is nothing to be ashamed of
  40. It's natural. It's perfectly natural to give birth to blood clots once a month
  41. I feel better now but I really don't want to be here
  42. I could ask to go to Kroger
  43. No don't ask what I want just say yes
  44. "Uh... I just need to get some things"
  45. 😳
  46. They know they know they all know just leave
  47. 😞