As told by Hamilton: whatever the musical title is
  1. "As long as I'm alive, Eliza I swear to god you'll never feel so helpless."
    In reference to his own experiences growing up an orphan, with no one to trust or rely on, having to put constant work into himself all the while unsure if he'll live past 20 years old
  2. 1. Eliza is constantly left alone while Alex runs off to war, argues with his peers, and works on his "legacy." She has to beg him to come home for the birth of his son
  3. 2. Despite his heavy work load Eliza at least feels valued. She can rest easy knowing through it all they love each other, and through that love she must support him. Until he chooses work over her and can't keep it in his pants for three months
  4. 3. Not only is Eliza heartbroken, ashamed, and devastated by what he's done, he writes it all out for everyone to see. Everyone knows and she has no way of grieving her marriage on her own. TBH I wouldn't be surprised is she found out by way of the pamphlet along with everyone else
  5. 4. Despite all the shit he's pulled her through, Alex encourages her son to duel with a man who publicly spoke against him, knowing full well that duels can be lethal. When Phillip is (surprise, surprise) SHOT he is all like "how could this happen????" Meanwhile Eliza lost her marriage and her son, and has to go on raising her other kids
  6. 5. He slowly convinces her to trust him again, through Phillip's death they come back together, and maybe Eliza felt better to have him. But hey how about he goes and duels AGAIN, breaking her heart for the second time with his own death.
  7. Fuck you Hamilton, you self obsessed prick
  8. "My father wasn't around, I swear that I'll be around for you. I'll do whatever it takes."
  9. 1. Aww how nice except for wait who was it that had to be dragged from his stupid office to celebrate his sons birthday with him? If you can't be bothered on his birthday I doubt you put in much effort any other day.
  10. 2. And then you send the kid off to "defend your honor." And he died. You can't be around for him when he's dead.
  11. Whaaaat a jerk!
  12. You know what Alex, "a promise should never be broken."
  13. Those are pretty wise words, who wrote them?
  14. Static
  15. YOU, ya stupid fuck
  16. But hey, who am I to expect perfect work from an imperfect man