Off the top of my head, plz add. Also spoilaz
  1. The time he saw Filch's Kwikspell letter
    The discovery of Filch being a Squib was coming fast but you don't find out by peeping on people's mail, Harry, come on
  2. The time he ended up face to face with Fluffy
    More crossing a threshold than a line
  3. The time he thought he'd killed Fawkes while waiting for Dumbledore in his office
    He hadn't actually done anything wrong but his worry was hilarious
  4. The time he told Cho he had to go meet up with Hermione after their date
    Harry Potter and the Lack of Tact
  5. The time he started fucking up Dumbledore's shit because he was upset
    Angsty Harry was a blessing but his meltdown after Sirius's death was over the top. It was understandable, and he needed to vent, but he broke Dumbledore's stuff
  6. The time he called Lupin a coward
    Remus kinda deserved it but come on Harry, that is not what a person fighting a war wants to hear. I can't quite remember but do they even talk after that before Remus falls in the Battle of Hogwarts?
  7. The time he yelled at Ron for being a grump and some people, probably a lot of people, (certainly not just me) cried cause they thought their friendship might end
    It's hard to travel in a tent with a big purpose but no solid plan BUT don't fight with your best pal :( oh and Ron stormed the fuck out and left them
  8. That time he told Snape his nickname was "Roonil Wazlib"
    Because who in their right mind derives "Roonil Wazlib" from "Harry Potter"???? That was the world's lamest lie, Harry
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel
  9. The time he used sectumsempra on Malfoy
    Like it said "for enemies" but seriously who uses a spell when they don't know what it does?
    Suggested by @krista_da
  10. That time he named his son "Albus Severus"
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  11. That time he looked into Snape's memories because he's Harry Potter and he has no concept of boundaries and Snape literally threw him out of the room
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  12. That time he threw a SPEW badge at Ron's head
    The great Harry/Ron fight of Book 4
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  13. When he's so busy being angsty and thinking that he's the only one that Voldemort has ever mind fucked that he forgets that Voldemort hijacked 11 year old Ginny and made her kill chickens and shit
    And Ginny puts him in his place real quick
    Suggested by @mackenzieo
  14. "Yes," said Harry stiffly. "Yes, sir." "There's no need to call me "sir" Professor"
    Not the thing to say to Professor Snape
    Suggested by @liamduncandonuts
  15. That time he thought the guy who had a diary with disappearing ink was a guy to trust... And to ask him to help him save Ginny
    Suggested by @libby92