Hoooooooo boy
  1. I love my boyfriend
  2. My boyfriend and I both love cinnamon rolls
  3. So for his birthday cake I decided to make a giant cinnamon roll
  4. And I believe that science has gone too far
  5. First off, the recipe called for ONE CUP of brown sugar in the filling, which piled on top of the dough to higher than an inch
  6. Oh and I mixed up teaspoon and tablespoon on the vanilla extract 😅
  7. But HEY it's probably fine
  8. And now this amazing crazy monster I created is proofing in its pan
  9. It filled the whole damn thing and the recipe says it's gonna double in size??????
  10. It got enormous
  11. This was after sitting for like an hour
  12. So much butter was used to produce this
  13. And the final product...
  14. Static
  15. Tbh it wasn't my fave. The dough was a bit too bready, and I think a good improvement would be thinner pieces so they all get a bit crispier
  16. But my boyfriend LOVED IT