1. When MacKenzie bullied me into joining this app I was kind of whatever about it
  2. My interest grew as I realized how fun the format can be and how many cool people were producing content
  3. It was really exciting to relist and get relisted
  4. One time a list of mine trended and I'd never experienced that kind of success on social media
  5. The excitement pushed me to come up with creative content and I was happy to share it
  6. Mac was right when she said list app was a great community
  7. Then relist went away and I stopped getting any notice for my lists
  8. Finding content I liked got harder
  9. Posting content felt a little fruitless
  10. And those slowly dwindling numbers pushed me further and further away
  11. To the point that I didn't have content to post because I wasn't confident it'd be well received
  12. And my feed felt like an echo chamber of everyone saying the same things
  13. Direct message helped but it didn't save anything
  14. And now I find myself having not posted in months and feeling really genuinely sad that this app makes me think of ragged people huddled under an overpass, eating out of old cans and looking around with lifeless eyes
  15. Which sucks
  16. Anyway congrats to whoever decided this app needed to die, you're doing a great job