Now more than ever the actions of the individual matter
  1. It's very easy to feel like our country is darkening
  2. Those who have hate for others have prevailed. Those who disregard the needs and emotions of others have prevailed. It is easy to feel that America is on the brink of being swallowed by prejudice, fear, division
  3. But you are not.
  4. You can combat these demons. Every day.
  5. You can offer your kindness, your compassion, your warmth
  6. Light your hearth and welcome all to come to it. All of the people of this world are your family. All of the people of this world deserve safety, respect, and happiness
  7. You will encounter people who are scared. You will encounter the people who are scaring them.
  8. This election suggests that those hateful thoughts and actions are permissible. Show them, every day, that they are not
  9. Speak up
  10. Stand up
  11. Turn on the lights in your community. Keep them burning no matter what.
  12. Because love is love and love survives. Don't let any one think that your love is useless now.
  13. 🌅🌅🌅