Aside from the expected personal growth and character development
  1. No such thing as a schedule
    When I was younger I planned everything I did, and got extremely irritated when my plans were changed. Now that I'm going on three years of freedom with my schedule the most I can plan is 18 hours into the future. My schedule is so fluid that I make and break six different plans on the bus ride to campus, and I'm not surprised when I find myself working on a project at 6 am in the lobby of the gym. Not sure this is a strength but it is who I am now.
  2. Rewearing socks
    An act that used to disgust me. I now have a policy of each pair being good for 24 hours, on or off the feet (unless I workout in them)
  3. Meal planning
    I've learned that meal planning makes your day SO MUCH easier and a million times better, so I sporadically manage to do that. Most often my planned meals devolve into whatever I have left over from the last time I actually made something, thrown into a bowl and heated
  4. Not having anything to do sucks
    Binge watching Netflix or deep cleaning the entire apartment are only fun when you're actively avoiding something. Without assignments chasing me just about nothing can hold my interest, and I actually seek out work to do (gross)
  5. Studying is meaningless
    That's not true. But 90% of tests I take are on material from three different power points, approximately 120 slides each, and only cover a random sprinkling of things I worked my ass off learning, along with everything I didn't manage to learn. It's not meaningless, but it feels that way
  6. Sleep is functional
    I used to love to stay up late and sleep in and stay in bed as long as I could. Now anything past 8 am feels embarrassingly late, and getting in bed is no fight. When it's bed time I'm down, no questions asked.
  7. Comparing myself to anyone else is a hilarious waste of time
    Even when there are people I probably should stack myself up against I just don't do it anymore. Everyone in my major has a different set of activities and skills and motivators and not one single person does anything the same way as anyone else so why frickin bother