I'm several years late to the game but whatever
  1. Just about everyone is an asshole
    Almost every chef comes in thinking they're the shit and I love watching them have to do shit like cook with jelly beans or not have any utensils
  2. The host is an asshole
    I don't know how they found a guy who looks and talks like a fanfic version of the actual devil but I am so into it. My favorite is when he walks around the kitchen asking chefs how they plan to pull off their meals with the tone of a man who has nothing but contempt for them
  3. The sabotages are hilarious
    I absolutely would not survive this environment. People come out of the pantry with everything planned and then all their shit gets fucked up. The best was when a chef had to obtain all of his water from coconuts. He got a box of coconuts with an as sticking out of it
  4. Chefs forget the most obvious things
    I love it when someone comes out with their basket, ready to make like nachos, and they're like "oh god I didn't get chips!!" Or they're making a steak and "oh shit I didn't get any meat!"
  5. Everyone always says "oh I am so going to win this"
    And they do not win
  6. When someone has literally everything thrown at them and still win
    You go bud, you deserve it
  7. It's totally not at all impacting me studying for finals
    Notttt evennnnn a little bit 👀