Literally like go away forever
  1. I watched Shaun of the Dead last night with my boyfriend and witnessed the most disturbing thing I have ever seen on a tv
  2. Spoilers****
  3. But anyway this dude David gets pulled out a window into the zombie horde and is literally ripped apart
  4. A full like 30 second scene focused only on this dude having zombie fingers dug into his stomach and his insides ripped out, then his limbs pulled off and even his fucking face by all these stupid undead British people
  5. Giphy
  6. I was not happy to be put through that scene
  7. But it got me thinking, if zombies are falling apart and gross and have to shuffle their asses at 0.3 mph how did they get the strength to tear through a human being?
  8. Like their whole shtick is the moaning and shambling and lack of any sense beyond going after living people
  9. So if you have a monster that can't even walk right and probably wasn't very strong before dying where did this champion grip come from
  10. The best they've got is like tackling you and being a dead weight that is hard to move
  11. They can barely hold their arms all the way up
  12. Get lost zombies, you are the worst monster to ever exist