Things I honestly like, despite the fact that I shouldn't.
  1. Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese
    So processed, and yet I can't resist at least a bite.
  2. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
    Worst if the Indy films, but I still like it a lot....except for when Indy hits Short Round —that took the abusing children thing too far.
  3. Full House
    You put it on, I'll watch it without question and be fully entertained.
  4. Crest Cool Mint Gel toothpaste
    I will travel far and wide to find this stuff (usually present at Target, but not grocery stores). Don't worry, it's not used in any way other than how dentists intend.
  5. The Wizard (1989)
    "It's a feature-length commercial for Nintendo," they say. I don't see the issue.
  6. Space Camp (1986)
    Lots of people hate the performances and the abrupt ending, but I love the optimism the movie captures, pre-Challenger. Also Kate Capshaw definitely took an acting class between Temple of Doom and this flick.
  7. En Vogue's song "Never Gonna Get It"
    Flawlessly recorded.
  8. Disney Theme Park ride soundtracks
    Makes me feel like I'm there, and we all need an escape, once in a while. Especially like the soundtracks of rides that are no longer at Epcot.