Straight Down The Hatch

  1. Avo toast w/sriracha
    We all need a little spice
  2. Vanilla concha
    Sweet bun but not too sweet! Courtesy of Greenpoint farmer's market
  3. Clamato Naragansett
    At Greenpoint Fish & Lobster
  4. Halibut pâté
    At Greenpoint Fish & Lobster
  5. Homemade burgs - one classic , one with kimchi
  6. One beer, one digestive bitter
  7. Not pictured: two cocktails
    One gin and tonic (at home), one Haitian rum take on an old fashioned with sherry instead of a sugar cube and orange bitters (walked by Duke's Liquor Box where they were doing a tasting)
  8. Food coma. Life lesson: the second burger is always a mistake. Have some corn instead.