I haven't been doing so hot processing my emotions since I moved to New York and failed to procure a new therapist. Here are some things I should discuss with a professional
  1. Loss is a circle that keeps coming back. Every now and again I think about the dissolution of my marriage. It's been six years
  2. Other people's sadness is triggering, both out of empathy and remembered pain
  3. I love a lot of people, and I can't see them all and be a good friend to them all on a regular basis
  4. How do you hold contradiction? I love my religion, and I also abandoned it. Fundamentally I guess I have a lack of clarity about the nature of the universe. I saw Neil Degrasse Tyson's Dark Universe last weekend, and it scared me. The universe is too big for God
  5. How my father questioning his faith scares me despite the fact that I questioned the same faith
  6. I want to practice emotional openness, but I suck at it. I love my boyfriend, but he sucks at it worse than me
  7. Feelings feel too big to feel, but as I go through life ignoring them I find myself, like tonight, crying in bed for no reason when I would prefer to be sleeping
  8. There's no security about any future
  9. I've lost a lot of my creative self to being jaded and tired. It's like the survival killed the reason for survival.
  10. It's hard to spend so many hours at work when I'd rather work on things that feel meaningful to me
  11. Etc. For lots of hours & at great expense