Donna Schaper's book Prayers For People Who Say They Can't Pray is filled with thought provoking prayers and meditations for people who are looking for new language to connect with God.
  1. Today let us be glittery with gladness, and if not all day, at least this afternoon. Amen.
  2. Help me define why I am here, O God, and then walk with me towards that future. Aim me with an aim that is worthy of you and me. Amen.
  3. Timeless God who became time in Jesus, draw near and rest our alarms. Let them go off at the right times, to you. And also, if it pleases you, let us rest. Amen.
  4. Help me get better at finding the questions at the heart of most answers, the beginnings inside most endings. Amen.
  5. Show me the difference between the urgent and the important. Show me what really matters and then let me calmly and carefully pursue it. Amen.