Just in case
  1. Hey are you?
    My dad?
  2. Hey you and I have the same nose!
    That's funny...are you my dad?
  3. Hey dad.
    (This is a bold maneuver)
  4. Who here is my dad?
    Usually asked at crowded bars.
  5. Hey did you ever have sex with a woman named -mom-?
    Cause maybe you're my dad?
  6. Hey gimme some of your blood real quick.
    It's for a test trust me, I could be your child.
  7. My name is Sue! How do you do!
    Now you gonna die!
  8. Wow! Dad alert!
    But hey you my dad though?
  9. Excuse me, I know this sounds really strange but if I didn't ask I may regret it. I've never known my father and for some reason when I saw you I needed to come over and ask if you
    Might know where he is cause I'm runnin out of steam ere.
  10. Does my cry sound familiar to you?
  11. Dad?
  12. Hey mom, is that my dad?