Read, or view, the choice is yours
  1. Exercise
    Recently found out that I'm a Vegas 5, also I'm looking more and more like a Nova Scotia 6.... Which, if you don't know where that is, should pretty much sum it up
  2. Floss
    Why is it so difficult to maintain this habit? Also I should brush more ... Don't judge me. Oral hygiene is the middle child of hygienes
  3. Play Less Video Games
    I guess this isn't a "do more" of but still, so addictive. I could speak another language by now. I'll get back to writing after one more level. Side note,10 year olds playing rocket league are the meanest things in existence.
  4. Practice Music
    Gah! I want to be better but I keep procrastin... ooh piece of candy!
  5. Be a Better Boyfriend
    Ashley just wants me to add this.
  6. Be Outside
    When people say "I love hiking and pretty much doing anything outside" I almost instantaneously feel like a lesser person. Fuck those people.
  7. Consume Less Alcohol
    Drinking leads to depression which leads to lists about why I hate myself. I hope you're enjoying this.
  8. Listen More
    To what people have to say and to what they really mean while they say it. They're almost never the same. Difficult to achieve while writing a one sided list that is reading more and more like a monologue. Actually I'm only really guessing at what a monologue is. I just thought it made sense.
  9. Wear Sunscreen
    Pretty much everything else from that speech is on point.
  10. Express My Appreciation for Other People's Work
    Sincere positive criticism validates people and can be hard when seeing those close to me succeeding while I remain stagnant due to most of these things on this list. I want to support people more and tear them down less. It might make me better at whatever I'm doing or just connect me to a positive atmosphere where projects are celebrated and not in competition with each other. "A rising tide lifts all boats"