1. I have vitiligo.
    It's an autoimmune disease that rejects the pigment in my skin. It's one of those pesky cosmetic diseases that make me have to look past my image. I'm pale, alabaster if you will.
  2. I have Hoshimotos Thyroiditis.
    Also an autoimmune disease, except my body attacks my thyroid. Without this disease I may have never started to eat right, exercise regularly, and see a doc on an annual basis.
  3. I am an alcoholic.
    Sober now and almost 9 years in recovery, thanks to a lot of help from amazing people. Without this disease I'd probably be alone under the illusion that I had my shit together. Thankfully I'm surrounded by a family of choice and I'm riding a nice wave of freedom from insanity.
  4. I've recovered from almost $80,000 in debt.
    YIKES! It took lots of honesty and a change in professions. Mistakes were made but many of them were unavoidable, all things considered. I don't use credit cards anymore and I'm about to pay for school out of pocket, so there's that. Either that or buy a second house. I had to learn a lot do skills to get out of that debt and it's paying off nicely (pun intended).
  5. I deeply care about what other people think of me.
    Why the fuck not? I'm just supposed to walk this earth without any regard for the impression I leave on other people? How deeply they love me and how deeply I love them back? I'm invested, folks.