Finding a good plumber in Philly is hard. I seem to have hit the jackpot. If you're in philly and need a good plumber, I can hook you up.
  1. He is from Albania.
    I can barely understand him, but the job gets done and he's really nice.
  2. He always remembers me
    It takes him a minute. I need him about once every 3 years. But when he finally figures out who I am he yells "HEYYYYYYYYY!! Nice Lady" I feel important.
  3. He has one eyebrow
    It's hard to talk to him face to face because his eyebrow is unapologetic and fierce. Au naturale. It's bigger than Frieda and deserving of its own art piece.
  4. He's affordable
    I guess because he's a one man show, he doesn't have to charge as much. But when he did a job for $700 when I had a previous quote for $1200, I stopped asking questions.
    Before I found Loui the Albanian Plumber, I'd call plumbers and THEY WOULD NOT SHOW UP WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.
  6. He blessed me
    One time I was home while he was working in the basement and I sneezed. He yelled up from the basement "GOD IS BLESSING YOU!" He's amazing.