Recipe: Meatloaf Muffins

Sometimes I just make up recipes and pray they work. gives me an opportunity to share them with you!
  1. 1.5lbs of ground beef.
    You can use any ground meat. Lamb, beef, turkey. Go nuts.
  2. Added 2 eggs
    I then realized I was gonna have to get in here with my bare hands. Not too happy about this.
  3. Pro-tip: Onion Soup Mix
    Strain out the big oniony bits if you're dealing with picky eaters.
  4. I might just do this for chip dip too. Those oniony bits ruin everything.
  5. More Spices & Shit
    I added the following things in a rational amount: garlic, lowery's seasoning salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, ketchup, half cup water
  6. MIX!
    Nothing about this as fun and I screamed the whole time. It wasn't pretty.
  7. Muffin Tins!
    Start with a half inch layer of meat mixture at the bottom of small tins.
    Thanks to @kmesk for this suggestion. Cut string cheese and place it in the center of each tin! Each meat loaf muffin will have a cheese cave!
  9. Cover with more meat
    Top layer. More meat. Followed by a small spoonful of spaghetti sauce.
  10. 350* for 30 minutes
    This time and temperature worked for both the small and larger muffin tins
  11. SUCCESS!!
    It worked. They are delicious. And I can put these in a container for work for the week. Love food prep.
  12. In closing:
    I would have only used the bigger tins for the Meaffins. The bigger tins held the juice a little better and the bottom didn't burn. Tell me if you try this recipe!!