Things I said to my dog on our last car ride...

I just got a German Shepherd. She's amazing. She's also a shy, adorable doofus. Here are all the things I said to her on my ride into work today.
  1. Get in.
  2. Sit down.
  3. Hey!
  4. Where are you going?
  5. How did you get there?
  6. Why is this wet?
  7. How did you do that?
  8. Not in my lap!
  9. No.
  10. You're ridiculous.
  11. Did you just fart?
  12. Don't eat that.
  13. I just can't!
  14. Are you serious?
  15. Fine, lick my arm.
  16. Are you happy now?
  17. Ugh.
  18. Thank god we're here.