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  1. Their portions are huge! Do you want to split an entree?
  2. It's getting late, should we close out our tabs?
  3. Would you go on our family vacation this year?
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It's time to clear up the confusion...
  1. Jessica Chastain
I might need more human contact.
  1. Do you want to grab lunch?
    She had a "thing."
  2. We're voting for Bernie Sanders, right?
  3. Have you seen my glasses?
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I want that mother fucking check mark.
  1. Like the videos Facebook friends I haven't talked to since high school share to gain some semblance of popularity.
  2. Let Buzzfeed film me eating.
    Seriously, why do the Buzzfeed kids have verified accounts? THEY JUST EAT EXOTIC CUISINE IN FRONT OF BRIGHTLY COLORED BACKDROPS.
  3. Kill somebody, anybody, give me a name already.
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She's already a talented actress, but what else does Anne have a way with?
  1. Playing it cool during celebrity encounters
  2. Writing clever raps about the paparazzi to the style of Lil Wayne
  3. Bringing back classic 2000 looks
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