Chef is a 2014 comedy-drama written and directed by Jon Favreau. It is about a chef (Favreau) who loses his job at a restaurant, so he starts selling food in a truck called El Jefe, while also trying to reconnect with his family. It had many great minutes, and here are a few of them.
  1. The first one.
    This one opens the movie.
  2. The one where Carl tweets the critic.
    This one is pretty funny.
  3. The one where Carl tells his son how important cooking is to him.
    When they are making sandwiches in El Jefe.
  4. The one where the critic tells Carl his food is good.
    I want some food from El Jefe right now.
  5. The last one.
    It closes the movie.
  6. Evan why did I have to make this