My Favorite Movies From Every Year I've Been Alive

  1. 1993
    The Sandlot- This movie is a manifestation of my childhood summers. Required watching at least once every summer.
  2. 1994
    The Shawshank Redemption- Morgan Freeman's best role
  3. 1995
    Toy Story- revolutionary.
  4. 1996
    Matilda- BRUCE! BRUCE! BRUCE!!
  5. 1997
    Good Will Hunting- sorry Titanic..for what it's worth 'it's not your fault'
  6. 1998
    Saving Private Ryan- so many good movies from this year.
  7. 1999
    Fight Club- I watched this at a very strange time in my life.
  8. 2000
    Miss Congeniality- I'm like 65% serious
  9. 2001
    Oceans 11- Favorite movie w/ensemble cast
  10. 2002
    Catch me if you can - very rewatchable
  11. 2003
    Lost in Translation- two of my favorite actors
  12. 2004
    Anchorman- lots of one liners from this one ammirite?
  13. 2005
    Fever Pitch- I watched this on my first date with my first gf and I really liked red sox and jimmy Fallon at the time.
  14. 2006
    The Departed - the movie that got me into Scorsese
  15. 2007
    The assassination of Jessie James by the coward Robert Ford- Casey Affleck is awesome in this movie.
  16. 2008
    The Dark Knight - Very close to a perfect movie.
  17. 2009
    The perfect anti rom com
  18. 2010
    The Social Network - I'm still amazed how Fincher, Sorken, and Reznor made a tech startup biopic so amazing.
  19. 2011
    Drive: The soundtrack to this movie is great.
  20. 2012
    Moonrise Kingdom - it's a good hang
  21. 2013
    Prisoners- I've never been more stressed in a movie.
  22. 2014
    What we do in the shadows- great mockumentary
  23. 2015
    Mad max: best car chase scene ever oh yeah btw it lasts the whole movie.
  24. 2016
    Manchester by the sea- un-cinematicly inspiring l
  25. 2017
    Get Out- hated the trailer loved the movie