1. Brigsby Bear
    I was expecting a 90 minute Kyle Mooney snl/YouTube sketch and it was so much more than that
  2. Wind River
    This movie somehow had lots of suspense despite being shot in the wilderness of Wyoming.
  3. Plastic China
    I thought I was doing my part by choosing to recycle, but in the doc I found out it just gets sent to China and gets put with billions of other piles of recycling.
  4. Give Me Future
    This was 70% about Cuban youth culture in communist Cuba which was fascinating and 30% about the supergroup major laser which was just okay.
  5. Rebel in the Rye
    JD Salinger biopic. Focused on his creative process for writing Catcher in the Rye which was cool.
  6. Novitiate
    Detailed look at the process of becoming a nun all the way to get married to Jesus which was a thing I didn't even know that nuns did.
  7. All good movies this year which is a first for Sundance yayyy!