Albums I'll Never Get Tired Of

No matter how many times I listen to these albums I still want more. Not in a particular order.
  1. Songs For The Late Night Drive Home - Anchor & Braille
    After the break-up of Anberlin, their singer went on to put out this album. Switching away from the rock/alternative style of Anberlin he put out an Electro Pop album. Very interesting and after a year I still listen to it weekly.
  2. Sam's Town - The Killers
    My favorite record by one of my all-time favorite bands. I don't know what it is that always draws me back to this album. Powerful rhythm section, guitar that goes from simple chord structures for the song to awesome riffs and leads, melodic Synth that intertwines with the rest of the music perfectly, and the lyrics. Damn, can Brandon Flowers write a hook.
  3. Voices - Phantogram
    One of the first mostly electronic albums that I ever bought. It has my favorite use of a drum machine probably ever, maybe other than in The Cure. The guitar is amazing and worked in perfectly. The lyrics and vocals are really well written and she has a killer voice. I listen to this on my way to college most days.
  4. Hesitant Alien - Gerard Way
    When My Chemical Romance broke up I really had no idea what Gerard Way was gonna do next. I had no idea he'd put out such an incredible and diverse record. Everything from embracing his inner Bowie, to taking on full force Indie Rock, to heartfelt and emotional slower songs. To me this beats anything that he made with MCR. Incredible.
  5. Every Open Eye - Chvrches
    I don't really listen to a lot of pure pop music, but I'd have to say this Electro Pop band from Glasgow is the best of the best for me. Awesome synths, drum machines, layers, and Lauren Mayberry has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time. This was probably one of my favorite albums of 2015, and I still listen to it pretty much weekly.
  6. In Rainbows - Radiohead
    Radiohead never fail to stay interesting, even if I haven't been a huge fan of their last two records. This one, however, is probably one of their best works to date, in my opinion. From great song to great song, I don't think this album really has a low point. I do get why people wouldn't be into it, but I listen to this album so, so much.
  7. Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures
    Probably one of the best supergroups of all time even if they only have this album. Dave Grohl on drums, Josh Homme on vocals and guitar, and the legendary John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin on bass. This band has so much power. This album is always on the turn-table.
  8. Digital Shades, Vol. 1 - M83
    Hypnotizing synth swells drowned in reverb and delay, with building tensions made from keyboards and guitars, and vocals that fit perfectly. Beautiful, and yet so simple. I listen to it almost every night.
  9. Grace - Jeff Buckley
    This is a personal classic for me. This is the only album that has ever made me want to be a singer. Jeff Buckley is an awesome guitarist, and has an absolutely stunningly beautiful voice. I have listened to this album so much from when I was just a little kid up until today, and I'll probably still listen to it just as much for the rest of my life.