these are Late Night with David Letterman bits that I really like. I missed out on 1980s letterman (because I was born in 86) but now all I do is watch full episodes on YouTube after work. Keep in mind these are from a 3 network world. it's like flying a helicopter around the battle of Gettysburg.
  1. custom made television show
    The audience votes on every aspect of the show
  2. office show
    They did a whole show in there office on the 17th floor of 30 rock.
  3. 4th Anniversary Special on a air plane
    Whole show is on a plane
  4. Pea boy
    This is what is I love about late night television shows, 20 second bits that are big, loud, dumb, stupid, things that could never exist anywhere pre YouTube.
  5. Refreshing Beverage
    Another example of a weird dumb idea that could never exist anywhere else
  6. Pantomime dancers
    Another grand stupid bit that hundreds of people on the staff and crew worked very hard to look amazing.
  7. A Television Miracle
    Chris Elliot is amazing. This is such a funny, weird, highly produced video. It is also important to note that David letterman is barely in this 8 minute video
  8. death of Panicky Guy
    This is so dumb and funny, ps young Seinfeld
  9. The Laid-Back Guy
    This is from a week of shows in LA