Favorite Letterman Bits (With Links)

these are Late Night with David Letterman bits that I really like. I missed out on 1980s letterman (because I was born in 86) but now all I do is watch full episodes on YouTube after work. Keep in mind these are from a 3 network world. it's like flying a helicopter around the battle of Gettysburg.
  1. custom made television show
    The audience votes on every aspect of the show http://bit.ly/1Sc7n1s
  2. office show
    They did a whole show in there office on the 17th floor of 30 rock. http://bit.ly/1f7Ldiy
  3. 4th Anniversary Special on a air plane
    Whole show is on a plane http://bit.ly/1Ia04QH
  4. Pea boy
    This is what is I love about late night television shows, 20 second bits that are big, loud, dumb, stupid, things that could never exist anywhere pre YouTube. http://bit.ly/1ea6qbG
  5. Refreshing Beverage
    Another example of a weird dumb idea that could never exist anywhere else http://bit.ly/1IALODo
  6. Pantomime dancers
    Another grand stupid bit that hundreds of people on the staff and crew worked very hard to look amazing. http://bit.ly/1ea6oAy
  7. A Television Miracle
    Chris Elliot is amazing. This is such a funny, weird, highly produced video. It is also important to note that David letterman is barely in this 8 minute video http://bit.ly/1Sc7n1t
  8. death of Panicky Guy
    This is so dumb and funny, ps young Seinfeld http://bit.ly/1f7LbHy
  9. The Laid-Back Guy
    This is from a week of shows in LA http://bit.ly/1Ia03MF