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I don't think this list is needed because it's obvious
  1. He supports LGBQT rights.
  2. He's a feminist!
  3. He is clearly in love with his wife and being a present dad.
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Everyone has one of these
  1. The one who emails you then immediately calls or visits to ask if you got their email.
    Oh right because you're the most important person ever.
  2. The one who is cc:d on the same emails and then asks you what's the status of the related project.
    Well maybe if you f-ing focused, you'd figure it out!
  3. The one who can't end a conversation.
    Seriously, there was a lull. Time for you to leave my office. Why are you just standing there?
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  1. How much weight have you gained?
    When I was pregnant. I said that I wouldn't answer that question.
  2. How much do you weigh now?
    After above reply from me.
  3. Are you sure you're not having twins?
    After above.
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Still want to waste a graduate degree's worth of money for $42k in starting pay? (Disclaimer: I wasn't delusional enough to go to library school. I just work in one.)
  1. Homeless people
    And then having said homeless people ask you to find a shelter so you call 5 of them and then locate one and the homeless person(s) ask you to drive them
  2. Flashers in the stacks
    Like. All. The. Damn. Time. Find another place, loser!
  3. People who can't bother to Google or look something up themselves.
    What's the number to CDC? Can you give me directions to 123 Maine St? What's 20% tip for a $70 check?
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  1. Everyone loves Canadians.
    Oh, you're Canadian! That's cool! I love Canadians! You're so nice, well read, and harmless!
  2. We're so tolerant... It's in our nature.
    Even when we look at our US neighbors and sadly shake our heads.
  3. Everyone is well read and appreciative of the arts.
    Seriously, the government puts a lot of money into keeping arts alive.
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  1. Does it snow in the summer?
    Wow, stupid. Just stupid.
  2. You must like Celine Dion.
  3. Eh? Eh? Hahaha!
    Lamest. Joke. Ever.
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  1. Do you speak English?
    This was after I was introduced to someone and said Hi.
  2. Your English is very good.
    This was after I spoke flawlessly with no accent and explained that I was born in Canada.
  3. Do you have General Tso all the time?
    Ask me this and I spit on you. IT'S NOT REAL CHINESE FOOD.
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  1. Snuggles from my 5-year-old during picnic
  2. Eating tasty nuggets
  3. Giving the stinky dog a nice wash. Stink begone!