The Worst Coworkers

Everyone has one of these
  1. The one who emails you then immediately calls or visits to ask if you got their email.
    Oh right because you're the most important person ever.
  2. The one who is cc:d on the same emails and then asks you what's the status of the related project.
    Well maybe if you f-ing focused, you'd figure it out!
  3. The one who can't end a conversation.
    Seriously, there was a lull. Time for you to leave my office. Why are you just standing there?
  4. The one who says he/she will lead the project but keeps asking you step in.
    If you can't handle it, step aside.
  5. The one who steals ideas from other organizations and claims it would work at ours but it doesn't and everyone has to make it work because he/she already opened his/her big mouth about it.
    These are the ones that taint the field.
  6. The one who comes in every day to rehash stuff that happened 20 years ago and won't shut the f up.
    Seriously, this person just plops down and starts yacking. Like I already know that I can say good bye to an hour.
  7. The one who refuses to acknowledge your existence.
    Um it's just the two of us in the kitchen. You can't just fake smile.
  8. The one who panics at everything.
    Chicken little, how do you get through life?
  9. The one who comes to every meeting really late and then asks questions about topics that you already covered in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.
    Oh like your time is more important than everyone else's?!