1. Steve Caballero dragon. My first "real" board. I got it for my 11th Bday and life has never been the same. Photo: Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art" by Sean Cliver
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  2. Natas Satan. Just so evil and awesome. This is right around when I went from a kid who skated to really identifying as a skater. It also marked the golden era of naughty skate graphics.
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  3. Adam McNatt slaughtered animals. A young boy gets a knife and hacks apart his stuffed animals. Chilling and funny. If my man cave could have only one board, this would be it.
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  4. Tired venomous snake. A joke about skulls in 80s skate graphics, a joke about weed in 90s skate graphics, a comment on the disposability of art. This is genius.
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  5. Julien Stranger tech bus. Skate graphics are of a time and place. This board shows a Google-inspired employee bus - "Gentrification and Eviction Technologies" - and perfectly sums up the tech vs the rest class conflict that is tearing San Francisco apart.
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