This fabulous story by @candace is snuff film grade real estate porn and pure comedic gold:
  1. Beautifully restrained paragraphs where you can feel the author trying not to laugh: "Designs for homes in the Park Bel Air call for IMAX movie theaters and master suites as large as 8,000 square feet with closets that include catwalks and built-in cameras for viewing outfits from multiple angles. Two of the homes will have race-car simulators."
  2. One home has plans for a "champagne room" which is a glass rotunda whose walls are filled with bubbling liquid.
  3. The story makes a rich entertainment lawyer and the former CEO of Ticketmaster sound like poor people being gentrified.
  4. Why would anyone need four swimming pools? "Why would you NOT need four swimming pools?" replies the developer of a house listed for $500 million.
  5. I am just getting started.