1. It starts with Nikki Sixx getting kicked out of high school for selling drugs, stealing a guitar and moving to LA. You're watching and thinking, OK, this is off to a good start.
  2. Later, Vince Neil explains that they added umlauts to Motley Crue because the band was drinking Lowenbrau when they came up with the name.
  3. When Mick Mars explains that he didn't think Vince Neil was a very good singer but chicks loved him on stage, so whatever.
  4. When the photographer explains that most bands would push him away when they were screwing groupies but that Motley Crue was like Dude, get your camera!
  5. When the lawyer explains that Vince got to go on the Theatre of Pain tour just a few months after a manslaughter charge because he spent all his money and needed the tour earnings to pay off the families of the people he hurt and killed. Ain't no business like show business.
  6. When Nikki Sixx explains that he realized he had a heroin problem after overdosing and dying, having an insane out of body experience, being revived by adrenaline needles, going to the hospital, checking himself out, going home to do more heroin, passing out, then waking up with a needle dangling from his arm and a pool of dried blood in his hand.
  7. When they show footage of the Vince Neil sex tape which shows Vince in his tighty whities bouncing around on a bed.
  8. The end, where they pretend to now be well adjusted parents.