Reasons Why Ryan Case Hella Needs to Make Her First-ever Visit to Sf

Get up here @film114
  1. The Room will totally make sense once you've been here.
  2. Likewise you'll get a new appreciation for that scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere dazzles Julia Roberts by chartering a jet for a "date" to SF.
  3. You cannot understand what it means to live in LA until a self-righteous San Franciscan has told you how they don't even own a car and can't handle traffic and think it's so cute how you say "the" 405 and, just, yeah, they would rather die than live in SoCal.
  4. You will earn street cred among SF filmmakers by learning to make fun of the continuity problems during the chase scene in Bullitt.
  5. SoulCycle in the Castro.
  6. When you go to a coffee shop, instead of eavesdropping on a pitch for the next raunchy RomCom script you can listen to a skinny white dude brag about a new proc file system that doesn't have any kernel drivers.
  7. You will give me and @candace an excuse to go to Alcatraz.
  8. SF burritos are better than LA burritos. Don't believe me? Well, let's just see....