Just some things I noticed when I accompanied a friend to get a medical marijuana card from a "doctor's office" above a record store on Haight Street
  1. The front desk is decorated with a poster of a card that has been issued to a man named "Robert Marley" who lives at 420 Freedom St. in SF.
  2. At 11 on a Sunday the front desk is manned by a wide-eyed woman in a red cocktail dress who looks like she has escaped some very severe drug problems and now smokes weed all day every day and her family is eternally grateful for this.
  3. It is a hot day and the lady opens a door to the fire escape. Outside there is a guy with a large backpack with a sleeping bag rolled on top climbing down the fire ladder from the roof where he appears to have spent the night.
  4. In line there is a short and bearded man who is having some sort of paperwork problems and when the front desk lady tells him he will have to buy a new prescription he says "Whatever, if you don't want to show me any compassion, that's cool!" and then storms out of the office.
  5. We are called and presented with a disclaimer that has a bunch of legalese that says, among other things, that weed can both help and cause anxiety.
  6. And then we sit and wait by a coffee table with a bunch Vogues and Glamours but instead of reading I admire the office decorations. I especially like the teddy bear, which is passed out in a candy bowl with a plastic weed leaf.